Listen to new Gemma Hayes song Ghost from forthcoming Oliver EP

Gemma Hayes - Oliver EP

You can take a listen to a new Gemma Hayes song Ghost on her MySpace right now!

The song is taken from the forthcoming 5-track Oliver EP – which was initially scheduled to be released on 9th March (via her official site and MySpace only) – but it looks like there’s a slight delay…

Here’s a couple of Gemma’s MySpace blog posts to catch you up with the news:

Slight delay
Monday, March 09, 2009


There are a few things holding up the release of the Oliver EP. Really sorry about this. Hoping to make it available by end of week. Until then I’ve put up a song for you to have a listen to.


and one from last month:

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I hope everyone out there is doing good. I just wanted to let you know I recorded a five track EP. It’s called Oliver. While David Odlum and myself were playing a few gigs together a couple of months back in LA and cities close by, we began recording bits and pieces on our days off. Most of the songs were recorded at my kitchen table into the wee hours of the morning. After too many pots of tea and the odd tantrum we both sat back and listened to what we had created and were so happy with it.

It’s official release is on March 9th but only through my myspace page and website. This is just a little project David and myself decided to do for the sheer joy of it, I really hope some of you out there enjoy it too. As soon as I can I will put up a song for people to hear on the above sites.

Well that’s it for now,


Gemma x

Watch the new Gemma Hayes video Home in glorious HD

Gemma wrote about the new video Home on her MySpace blog:

New Video!
Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hello again!

I don’t know how I forgot to tell you all about my new video for the song HOME. We shot it in Calabasas, California. They shot some scenes from Gone With The Wind there and also a Julio Iglesias video, how cool eh?

Anyway we just put it up on youtube so if you have time or the inclination to check it out please do. Let me know what you think.

Hope everyone is keeping well

God Bless

Gemma x

To see the video in HD you need to view the video on YouTube and click on the HD button:

Interview with Gemma Hayes at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford

Here’s a great video of Gemma Hayes being interviewed by a guy called Tim Bearder at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. Gemma talks about what she’s been up to since the pair last met in 2002!

She talks about the randomness of Los Angeles (tiny dogs, fake boobs, male facelifts), going swimming in armbands, and her desire to appear as an extra on Coronation Street!

This video was added to YouTube on 20th Sept 2008 by toshistation. Thanks to jessika2001 for spotting this interview.

Gemma Hayes videos from London Union Chapel gig (8th Sept 2008)

Gemma Hayes played a show at the London Union Chapel last Monday (8th Sept 2008).

There’s some great photos from the show over on Laura’s Making Waves forum thread, also check out Jessica’s blog for video

There’s also a few bootleg recordings of the show floating around too

The setlist according to powermonkey’s bootleg was:

01. This Is What You Do
02. Happy Sad
03. Nothing Can
04. Home
05. In Over My Head
06. TBTF (Kevin Drew/Broken Social Scene cover)
07. Chasing Dragons
08. Back Of My Hand
09. Oliver Intro
10. Oliver
11. Something In My Way
12. Easy On The Eye
13. Out Of Our Hands
14. Evening Sun

And here’s a few YouTube videos from the concert, posted by the following users: tacoffey31, cricketnick, ruffles50, jessika2001

01. This Is What You Do (posted by tacoffey31, 3m48)
02. Happy Sad (posted by ruffles50, 5m29)
04. Home (posted by tacoffey31, 3m18)
05. In Over My Head (posted by jessika2001, 3m49)
07. Chasing Dragons (posted by cricketnick, 3m14)
08. Back Of My Hand (posted by tacoffey31, 4m22)
11. Something In My Way (posted by cricketnick, 4m03)
11. Something In My Way (posted by ruffles50, 4m45)
11. Something In My Way (posted by tacoffey31, 4m05)
13. Out Of Our Hands (posted by jessika2001, 7m04)
14. Evening Sun (posted by cricketnick, 3m10)
14. Evening Sun (posted by tacoffey31, 3m16)